It was the best of times….

by alphamonkey on June 5, 2004 · 1 comment

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Well…Ronald Reagan died today.

The Gip in more cognizant and non-dead times!

Smarty Jones lost at the Belmont, thereby dashing anyone’s hopes that the coveted Triple Crown would be won.

Smarty loses to Birdstone...

But you know what?

You should be HAPPY.  Screw that…you should damn well be ecstatic! You should be jumping for joy in the streets, kissing strangers, giving kids a playful tussle of the hair, and singing ‘hosannas’ unto the world. 


Because today, of all days, CREED broke up!

Hurrah for humanity!

Who's cheering now, sissy?

That’s exactly how we feel, you talentless fuckhole.

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  • Shadow Stalker

    When three out of four members form a new band, that’s called firing the singer.

    “In 2003, four fans filed a lawsuit against the group following a Chicago concert, claiming singer Stapp was ‘intoxicated’.”

    Where has the world gone so wrong that fans sue bands for not being entertaining enough?  If you’re going to pay $60 to stand behind a pole and look through binoculars at four guys in leather pants dicking around on guitars, guys who, by the way, have a reputation for being stoned and/or drunk all the time, you have to be prepared for a little disappointment.

    “Stapp has already recorded a solo track which will be featured on an album of music inspired by the movie The Passion of the Christ.”

    Hehe.  Loser.

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