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by The Good Reverend on June 18, 2004 · 0 comments

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This applies to those of you in the KC area – a coworker of mine is in a band named Red Guitar.  Their music is tremendous – brooding, swirling beats in minor keys create a rich, albeit dark tapestry upon which are painted infectious pop melodies that seem at first innocent and charming, but are ultimately twisted and distorted into submission by the darkness under the surface.  One is grounded by strong percussive elements, only to be knocked off balance by reverbed and muted guitar effects that leave you with a sense of vertigo… god, bullshitting like a music critic is surprisingly easy…

Okay, so I haven’t heard their shizzle yet.  However, they were asked to play in Mix 93.3’s Battle of the Bands and were selected as a finalist.  The ultimate winner will play at Red, White, and Boom at Verizon Amphitheater this summer.  So, y’all should come support them at the finals, which will be held at Lucky Brewgrille (Johnson Dr. between Nall and Roe) on June 23rd at 9pm.  $5 gets you in and the right to vote.  Oh, but it gets you so much more.  For Yours Truly, the Good Reverend, will be signing autographed copies of “My Life”, my 4-page, high-gloss pamphlet autobiography, which was in no way hastily written to capitalize on the much-anticipated release of Bill Clinton’s 930-page autobiography of the same title, due out Tuesday.

….okay, Jeff just sent me a link to some of his music.  You can check them out here.  So, now I have heard their music.  Umm… the above review doesn’t really apply, but I reserve the right to use said review on future bands whose music I haven’t heard.

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