Dodge Ram: Not so Tough

by alphamonkey on July 26, 2004 · 5 comments

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Wow…I always thought that perhaps Truck owners had some kind of personal issues, but this guy seems to have finally pinned down what it is…

(I didn’t want to kill his server, so here’s article in it’s entirety.)

After years of health education in the renowned Cohasset Elementary / Middle / High School System, I know a thing or two about the female reproductive system.  I can tell you all about your “ovaries,” your “labia,” your “uterus,” the corpus luteum, estrogen, and progesterone- the works… This excellent background led me, as if guided by God Himself, to notice something truly amazing:

Many of you are familiar with the “Tough Guy” image that truck companies try to create in their television commericals – with all the off-roading and drag-racing up hills with boats in tow (because there’s all that water at the top of hills)… Incidentally, most of what you see voids the warranty that comes with such vehicles… Anyway, I ask you how ‘macho’ a Dodge Ram can be when their emblem is basically the female reproductive system with nostrils:

not a car logonot a very good car logo

There you have it, folks…That sassy emblem on the front of your 4 wheeled monstronsity is nothing more than the mysterious and downright seXXXy female reproductive organs. So….that thing got a Hemi?

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  • Ryan

    You know, its people like you that drive the american people to drive anti-american cars like honda and nissan and so one, who gives a rip if dodge looks like vagina, what kind of person are you to take the time to compare these types of things. although you yourself probably drive a dummpy ford or worse yet a chevy, although they too are american, dodge is simply the best, how many times has chevy/gmc been in finacial trouble? Or maybe your a ballon headed retard who drives an anti-amercian snap-togher junker. one way or another you repluse me with your childish actions here. everyone is intitled to their opinion and thats great, but who cares what you think.

  • Not Ryan

    Lighten up Ryan, who cares what YOU think? 😉

    BTW, I drive a Ram 2500… think I’ll replace the front emblem with a more accurate representation of the female reproductive system. :)

  • GMDriven

    Amen to the part about foreign cars, look what its doing to our economy, but if your gonna dis on chevys you can at least do it the right way and talk about their suspensions coming apart, their financial situation is alot better than dodges right now

  • Kevin

    LOL! I never noticed that before. That is very ironic that truck companies always portray the macho man image of the trucks they produce but Dodge trucks are running around with a female anatomy logo! I can’t wait to bust on my friends who have dodge trucks.

  • Ryan is a silly goose

    Ha! I think the original post is almost as funny as Ryan’s little rant.

    That was hilarious! Thanks Ryan!

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