Lost Treasure of the Vatican Found!!!

by ZolarCzakl on July 8, 2004 · 1 comment

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Over the 4th of July weekend, experts identified what they believe to be “lost weekend party wear” belonging to a turn-of-the-century Roman Catholic Cardinal. The item is believed to have been stolen last year from the high security vaults deep within the Vatican and sold on the black market in America. It was found, of all places, hidden in the center of a marble column in the lobby of the world’s largest Masonic temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Due to the holy and startling nature of this religious artifact, we cannot show the astounding photo on the main page.

The item was found by private contractor Bo Trucks as he was remodeling the lobby of the famed temple. Believed to have been purchased at “Ozarkland” near Joplin, Missouri, the party wear was shipped by an unknown source to Rome where the item was no doubt cherished by its owner. That is, until it was stolen. The connection of this heinous crime to the Masons is under investigation.

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