Meet Patton Oswalt

by alphamonkey on July 27, 2004 · 0 comments

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You may or may not recognize this man:

this is patton oswalt

His name is Patton Oswalt.

He’s perhaps best known for for playing Spence on King of Queens, but only knowing that fact is kinda like only knowing that a vagina is where a baby comes out of. Sure, it’s true…but it’s nowhere near the whole seXXXy picture. You may be asking “.alphamonkey., why the hell are wasting valuable space on this man when you could be posting another flash animation of a donkey with a singing gerbil in it’s bum?” Well, because Mr. Oswalt is a great example of the benefits of my favorite entertainment trend: The Return of Comedy Albums.  I’m old enough to remember listening to Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor on vinyl when my folks were at work, and I’ve been very grateful that enterprising folks out there have realized that comedy CDs are still much desired. With the reissues of Bill Hick‘s glorious body of work and the two flat out insanely funny David Cross discs, I’ve been in comedy heaven.

Feelin’ Kinda Patton on the United Musicians label has had me spewing Coke, Scotch, Water, and precious bodily fluids from my nose for the last 3 weeks.  Think about that…I’ve listened to this innumerable times and it never stops being funny. Patton Oswalt is sick, filthy, and funny as hell.

Rather than have me blather on about the genius of Patton, how’s bout I just let you decide for yourselves?

Feelin’ Kinda PattonTrack 3: Facts about Midgets

Feelin’ Kinda PattonTrack 11: The Gay Pride Parade

(these are certainly not safe for work, but what good comedy is?)

So there you have it. Patton Oswalt is a damn genius.  Not only was he nice enough to let us put those mp3s up, he’s also deliciously suave and pocket-sized for your travel needs! Go out and buy Feelin’ Kinda Patton right this instant so that you too may be that person laughing hysterically in their car looking all the world like a complete and utter sociopath.

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