Old habits die hard..

by The Good Reverend on July 13, 2004 · 2 comments

in Audio Visual,Diversions

I don’t speak German, save for the bit that I picked up as a kid from my grandmother whenever I pissed her off so much that she forgot the English language (I guess).  That being said, I can’t understand much of what is being said in this clip.  So, feel free to roll your own dialog.  Here’s mine:

Nazi-guy:  ..I’m good, and you?  Very good..  Anyway, yes, here we are at my new restaurant.  Quite exciting.. We have spared no expense to really make you feel right at home here as you taste some of the finest dishes this side of the the Danube.  We’re proud of the family environment that..

Passerby:  Excuse me, do you have the time?

N:  Papers!

P:  What?

N:  Answer me!  Schnell!  Papers!!  Aryan or Jew?  Schnneeellll!!

P:  Listen, buddy, I just wanted the –


N:  You will salute me and address me as master!  I’m Reich James, bitch!

P{Saluting} What the..

N{To camera} So, come this way..  What was I saying – oh yes!  Our restaurant is a great place to bring the whole family..

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1 .alphamonkey. July 13, 2004 at 7:55 pm

I’m Reich James, bitch???

Need I remind you of our policy regarding said quotes?

2 .alphamonkey. July 14, 2004 at 12:50 am

Reverend, kudos to you for showing the delicate natural balance between German thugs and white-trash.

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