The Cyborg Name Generator

by mrcookieface on July 28, 2004 · 3 comments

in Diversions,Miscellany,Sci-Tech

Because robots are the coolest.

Choose your cyborg.

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  • Thundarr

    T.H.U.N.D.A.R.R.: Transforming Humanoid Used for Nocturnal Destruction/Artificial Robotic Replicant

    Hell ya!

  • Shadow Stalker

    Zacharias Musawi:

    Zeta Artificial Construct Hardwired for Assassination/Robotic Individual Assembled for Sabotage/Mechanical Unit Skilled in Assassination and Worldwide Infiltration

    George Bush:

    General Entity Optimized for Repair and Galactic Exploration/Biomechanical Unit Skilled in Harm

    Kind of creepy.

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