Doll on Doll Violence: The Growing Menace

by alphamonkey on August 22, 2004 · 1 comment

in Miscellany

After much consideration, I’ve determined that the greatest aspect of this here Intraweb is it’s ability to broadcast an individual’s most secret and beloved hobby to the masses.  Some people like trains, some people like making their own Tron costume, and some people like staging photographs of dolls abusing other dolls set to crappy midi music (which you can buy via PayPal!). Never Shake the Baby

Oh, Intraweb! I love you so!

Folks, I just gotta ask: What compels you to create, not to mention post on the Intraweb, such things?  Is this a valiant but misguided attempt to corner that oh-so-elusive niche market of people who enjoy the combination of Doll Violence and sub-par MIDI music? I know it’s cheap to produce web pages nowadays, but is all that time and effort worth the 15$ you might conceiveably net due to a drunken prank of an order?

Inquiring minds DEMAND to know. 

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    Touche, sir. Touche.

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