Excuse me for believing in Jim’s Crispy Fried Chicken!

by The Good Reverend on August 16, 2004 · 2 comments

in Audio Visual,Entertainment

If you are an aspiring actor with nagging doubts about your own talent, I have an inspiring clip for you.  You can rest assured you are not the worst they’ve ever seen.

Yes, Anna Nicole Smith has decided to let her mouth branch out from servicing wealthy old men – a job which she described as “dry, unchallenging work that left a bad taste in my mouth”.  I don’t know what that means.. I just report it, folks.  Anyway, she has decided to let that mouth try to land her some speaking roles in high quality films.  We scoured the web and found the audition tapes..

Anna, this doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  No one can take away what we have.  No one!!  Call me, mm’k?

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  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadwstalkr Shadow Stalker

    Wow, a talent like that was just made for magazines.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    Kickass.. reverends reprazentin’..

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