I suck at ping pong

by The Good Reverend on August 23, 2004 · 6 comments

in Audio Visual

I thought I was fairly decent at ping pong.  After seeing this video, I now know that I suck at ping pong.

Imagine if Buddha were to forsake enlightened, Nirvanic bliss for a few moments and assume mortal form – specifically, as an Asian guy.  And then Jesus got off his.. umm.. Holy, Golden, Pearly Throne of… uhh.. Heavenly Choirs and Creamtastic Wrathful Glory (please bear with me – I’m not Christian so I’m kinda winging it here.  I do know that Christians capitalize everything and that their god is really Pissed and really Loving and Glorious.  Beyond that I’m just winging it)…

what was I talking about?  Oh yeah!  So Jesus, not to be outdone by that big-earred fat freak, the Buddha, also Hauls Ass down from the Heavenly Host and assumes human form – also as an Asian guy.

Then Buddha and Jesus go toe-to-toe in ping pong.  That’s what this video is like…

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  • LordStrange

    JHVH-1 is also the God of Peace! (Not that he’s against destroying cities full of people.)

    And he loves all his creations! Eternal suffering with Satanic Ass Rape are, like, just stern discipline for the dirty sinners who dont spend the requisite time cowering before His benevolence.

  • mrcookieface

    Ping pong!  There’s a mantis in my backyard that can beat me every. single. game.


  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Have you tried mating with it?

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadwstalkr Shadow Stalker

    No!  It’s a trick!  It’ll eat your head, man!

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    Yeah, but that’s only after.. after tapping dat sweet mantis ass.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    I’m praying for one billion dollars.  If Allah will give me that, call me Muslim!

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