John Kerry gets down like Milli Vanilli…

by alphamonkey on August 9, 2004 · 1 comment

in Miscellany

imageOh sure they got one guy to back track, but did ya see the dateline special??? He certainly has all the pre-requisites to be a politician in this country. If he goes on to win this election, I’m going to take action – that’s right… It will prove my suspicion that we as Americans are too stupid to elect our own officials. It will be time for a communist America ran by me – Harvestor of Bondo. My policies?

– Let fags marry. Who cares? They don’t hurt anybody and most of em are pretty cool.

– Abortion… Let the people decide.

– No welfare. No HMOs – we get it on Canadian style. No government programs.

– 3 strikes and your out? Fuck that. 2 strikes and you get laid out on an electric bed – naked.

– Defense spending. The only thing we get taxed on. And we get nukes again… Lots of em.

– Close the borders. We go to war, we start deporting…

– Registered democrats get automatically drafted into the military – see how they like it then…

– All current local and federal politicians get sent off to reservations.

– I think I’ll buy Mexico too… just so my fellow chicanos can enjoy the fruits of my new government.

Of course, I’m still fine polishing my policies but I’m off to a good start. I think most of you guys are screwed…

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    Maybe you’re thinking of fascism.

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