Steven Seagal: Rock God

by alphamonkey on August 2, 2004 · 6 comments

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows

FIND ME THESE MP3s!!!!!!Oh, hell ya.

nope. not kidding.

That’s right! The lumbering oaf of martial arts is now the new JIM MORRISON!!!

Unfortunately, the mp3’s on the site don’t want to work for me and the album was only released in France (This is further proof that Europe is just as insane as we are).  GR, cookie, anyone…I MUST have these.  I must experience the audio glory of Steven Seagal. Especially since B.B. King and Stevie Wonder appear on the album.

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  • mrcookieface

    Check your email, alphamonkey.  I’m shocked to say that it’s actually pretty good.  Shocked!

    He’s no Shatner, mind you, but I’m SHOCKED!

  • mrcookieface

    Haha, I do now!  I’m trying to find Seagal’s email address and tell him how impressed I am.  That site lists his fanclub addy, and a merchandising addy, but I neeeeeeed to personally tell Steven how much he rocks.

  • The Good Reverend

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that he’s not horrible.  I’m not going to go as far as to say good, but he far, far exceeded expectation.  As I listened to the opening chords, I felt like it was Christmas morning as I waited for the horror that would be his song.  But, the song ended up being mediocre.  Mediocre is not acceptable as comedic fodder.

    Touche, Mr. Segal.  You have won… this time.

  • Thundarr

    What we now know about Steven Segal.

    1. He’s Above the Law

    2. He’s Hard to Kill

    3. He’s often Under Seige

    4. And now he Sings the Blues

    It turns out the man who can act just well enough to not be Jean Claude Van Damme, can sing at least as well as Lindsey Lohan or Hillary Duff.

    Rock on!

  • The Good Reverend

    Dare I say it?  Could he be the Leonardo da Vinci of our time?

  • Thundarr

    Leo Di Vinci, is he the one in Gangs of New York?

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