September 2004

We have a caption contest going on right now, but it’s in the forums this time.I know, it’s confusing to change things up like this, but bear with us.

If you go here you can see the picture and offer up your own zany, ingenious, shoulda-been-there caption.  What do you win?  Hey, you made someone laugh; isn’t that it’s own reward?

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You know those debates tonight? Well, here’s Top 10 Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About the Debates

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Most on this page (again, ever-so-slightly nsfw) are repeats from the previous bloodninja post, but there are a couple quality new ones toward the bottom.This guy is just freakin’ hilarious to me.  I want to form a warped “League of Justice” – with Terrifica and Bloodninja in it.  Who are you, Bloodninja!

And Dav, I don’t care if he made these up or not.  Kiss me arse.  Funny is funny.

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Surgeries that increase bust size.  Pills that increase bust size… but ringtones?{ring ring}

Girlfriend:  Please stop calling me.

{ring ring}

GF: Please stop calling me.

(thanks to Call Me Betty for the link)

****Update: Wanna hear what it sounds like? Click here (curtesy of Engadget) -.alphamonkey.

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The first of three presidential debates beings at 8pm CST tonight.  I pretty much consider that required viewing, even though this one will be pretty tame.  Bush’s handlers laid down a massive list of requirements that had to be met for it to happen in the first place.

No risers, no candidate to candidate questions, no acknowledging audience members, candidates can’t approach each other, etc. etc. The only upshot is that the networks have refused to give into the demand that the camera not show the listening candidate when the other is speaking. 

But……we’ve figured out a way to make these debates a lot more fun.  It’s the Transbuddha Presidential Debate Drinking Game! Not only will you get a marginal feeling of participation in what has become a closed system, you can bond with your fellow Americans by celebrating GW’s youth!

  • Everytime a candidate says “Freedom” : one shot.
  • If a candidate says “They hate our freedom” : two shots
  • When Vietnam, swift boat, or the National Guard is mentioned: one shot
  • Bush smirks: one shot
  • Mispronunciation of the word Nuclear: one shot
  • A candidate says “uh”: one shot.
  • Kerry finishes his alloted time without completing a point: one shot
  • Bush embarasses our nation with random strings of words: one shot
  • A candidate invokes God: one shot and punch yourself in the crotch.
  • And finally: John McCain comes on stage and puts a lead one in Bush’s forehead ending our long national nightmare: The whole damn bottle.

Feel free to add your own!

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I thought I’d kick in with my favorite online portfolio, that of Brandon Bird, the creator of what is probably my second all-time favorite painting: Bad Day on the High Sea. Though Killing Machine and Lazy Sunday Afternoon are strong contenders.

Since Brandon Bird makes such awesome use of Pop Culture in his art, that gives me a good reason to swing over to another artist, Tom Wilson, who is perhaps better known as the guy who played Biff in the Back to the Future series.

Tom Wilson’s Big Pop Fun work is 100% about all those bright plastic hunks of fun we loved as kids and I think they just plain kick ass. 

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I knew that lemons were great for adding a little kick to water, to suck on after a shot of vodka, or to add pleasent odors to household cleaning products, but who knew how much more lemons can do?

imageIndia, if you are unware, has a huge problem with over population. This problem has led the lawmakers and health experts in India to explore the different ways to control the population. Debate on birth control in the United States have generally been limited to the question of teaching children about birth control in schools, at home, both, or neither. India puts a new twist in to this debate by asking the question, could lemons be a viable form of birth control? As it turns out, lemon juice has spermicidial properties and could act as a minimal form of birth control. Click here for the rest of the details

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And here I thought I had too much time on my hands

by alphamonkey on September 30, 2004 · 4 comments

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Since we finally have another comic book geek hanging around here (hi, V!), I thought I’d throw out this funny webcomic I came across from Fanboy Productions. I’m glad someone shows the Avengers the complete lack of respect they deserve.  So without further ado, I present to you:

Avengers Toys: DisassembledIt's funny because it's true

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Bill Shatner’s Triumphant Return to ROCK

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Most of us here at Transbuddha love us the Shatner. There’s just something so incredibly compelling about him.  He’s a class act and I for one am happy as hell he’s recorded another album.  That’s right…The Shat will sing again! But this time he’s got Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, Aimee Mann, Joe Jackson, Henry Rollins, and Adrian Belew kickin’ it with him. Oh, sh!t yeah!

Because I love you all, I’ve included a clip of Bill kickin’ it on the Pulp song, “Common People”Click here for Bill's version of the Pulp classic Common People

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Caterina Purdy

by mrcookieface on September 29, 2004 · 5 comments

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I really want this lampimage

Purdy is a Chilean artist whose most recent works include dead animals transformed into everyday household objects.

She says, “It is possible to see my work as something scary, but I find it beautiful.  There is also irony and humour in my objects as well as a criticism of the way animals are treated by society.”

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