And you thought the anti-Bush crowd bad about fakery

by alphamonkey on September 23, 2004 · 3 comments

in News,Politics,Stupid People

Anyone seen this photo?


Supposedly it depicts a child crying because the mean union-shirt wearing gent to her left just tore up her Bush/Cheney sign she just happened to be holding at a Kerry rally.  I say supposedly because it turns out that the guy is probably her brother and her dad, Phil Parlock, has a history of experiencing ‘violence’ at Democratic Party rallies. Oh yeah, and the gent who snapped the photo is a pal of Parlock’s.

Be sure to read the comments left below the article.  It’s always a treat to watch rabid anti-Dems sling mud at accusers to avoid addressing the issues at hand. (Like say, the whole snafu over the Bush service record memos.  Regardless of the authenticity of the documents in question, the fact remains that Bush DID receive special treatment and was reprimanded for his lack-luster service.  Cry about fonts and typewriters all you want, folks..but don’t think for a second that we’re not noticing your lack of denials on the actual heart of the story.)

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  • Souped_up_on_Jihad

    I had a feeling that this was a setup when I first saw the photo, I mean, look at the dad, that is a pose for a picture. His frown looks very fake to me and his posture is just a bit over acted.

  • The Good Reverend

    Friends, let’s watch as I try to engage a neo-con in logical debate:


    According to the electoral poll I saw today, Bush currently has 273 votes, to Kerry’s 255 (bonus points if you know how many are required to win – hey!  No googling!).  This projection is probably highly inaccurate – and yet so are the polls you see on TV everyday, for many reasons I can go into if you want.  I wouldn’t say anyone is losing or winning.

    As to me being as bad as the terrorists:  I have never beheaded anyone.  I can’t prove this to you in a Comments section of a website, but let’s assume it as fact for the moment.  So, in what ways am I “as bad as the terrorists”?  I want concrete, point-by-point analysis.

    How exactly, did alphamonkey “undermine America” by exposing a man who has a history of staging potentially dangerous situations in order to promote his own political agenda?  This guy actually had someone else shoot at him to make a point.  That’s illegal.  Are you making the point that calling people out who engage in fraud and criminal activity is “unAmerican”?

    Lastly, if you look above the comments box, we have provided our readers with wonderful font-styling tools like strong, italics, and underline to help you deliver your points.  Feel free to use them to emphasize points.  Using ALL-CAPS might lead us to believe u got ur typing skillz in chatrooms frequented by 12year-old girlz.  OMG!  ROFL!

    “Give it a break, assholes.” (replete with correct punctuation) is a much more dignified logical argument than “Give it a break ASSHOLES!!”

  • Just Plain Bob

    I miss the GR.

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