It Rubs the Lotion on It’s Skin

by alphamonkey on September 15, 2004 · 8 comments

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Not that it was worth remembering, but awhile back I posted a link about a Silence of the Lambs musical.  Tres dumb.  Looks like some gothy-rock/DJ band had the same idea.

I’m not too sure I dig the song, but I have to admit they did an admirable job with the video. As K pointed out, the footage actually looks like it’s supposed to a music video.  Sassy!image

(click for Bill lovin’ weirdness)

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  • Shadow Stalker

    I like the song.  It’s got a cool groove, and they put the video together well.

    As a side note, whatever happened to that actor?

  • .alphamonkey.
  • Shadow Stalker

    He’s a main character on Monk!  I never would have recognized him with the moustache and short hair and clothes.  And now that I think about it, I should have recognized his voice in Wild Wild West.

    And looking it up is cheating.  Didn’t public school teach you anything?

  • .alphamonkey.

    I had originally intended to put something snarky about his villianous turn in a Van Damme film I had the displeasure of viewing, but decided that I liked his acting more than that.  Hence, the ‘cheating’ link.

    Public school taught me that restrooms were for smoking and anonymous sex encounters. Past that it’s kinda blurry.

  • The Good Reverend

    haha!  That is a great song!  I love how the singer has such a casual tone about the whole thing.  perfect.

  • mrcookieface

    I’m a little late posting for this, but I just saw it this morning.

    I’ve fallen in love with this song and video and showed it to everybody at work this morning.  We ended up watching it four times, and we’ve all been singing it around the office all day.

    I’m going to go watch it again.

  • suitep

    I thought this was kick ass.

    I loved his tone, too. Almost bored, while he’s terrorizing her.

    Loved the last shot. Creepily cool.

  • everyman

    Ah, Buffalo Bill: the big brother I never had… or wanted!  What can you say about a man who knows what he wants – a size 8 – and gets it!  Only that he is tuly worthy of being immortalized in lyric…

    Pretty clever video.  Equally catchy song; simple guitar riffs and hooks always make for an instant classic.  Clapping never hurts either.  I’m sure Precious would agree.

    “I think I’ll make myself a cap from your right buttocks cheek” … hilarious!

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