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by The Good Reverend on September 21, 2004 · 1 comment

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It’s looking like the Burkett documents that supposedly proved Bush was granted privileges during his National Guard service are going to turn out to be forgeries.  Oh how the Bush administration must be loving this.And I just know, unfortunately, how way too many people in this country think: “Well, if those documents are fakes, then the obvious conclusion is that Bush did serve honorably in the National Guard!” The switch is on, or it is off.

Well, that’s not quite right…

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But it seems many do not know of an organization called Texans For Truth.  Cheeky name, yes.  But this organization has offered up $50,000 for any proof that Bush served in the Alabama National Guard from May ‘72 – May ‘73 (which is what Bush is claiming).  No one has come forth to claim it.

Further, members from Bush’s supposed squadron have no recollection of Bush being there.  I don’t really understand why this hasn’t made the news like the Swift Boat ads.  The Swift Boat veterans make vague statements such as “I served with John Kerry” and suddenly the story is huge.  Yeah, asshole – technically, anyone who was in Vietnam at the time “served with John Kerry”.  In fact, if John Kerry were to do a photo op at a soup kitchen in which he were serving soup, and if I happened to be a soup kitchen volunteer and was handing out soup too, then I could technically claim that “I served with John Kerry”.  The swift boat ads were discredited, since none of the people actually served with him and several were flat-out lying about events of the war.  And yet the man in the Texans For Truth ad is claiming to have been in the same squadron at the same time, and never having seen Bush there.  And putting up $50,000 as a challenge to anyone to prove otherwise.  Yet no one is covering it with the same zeal.

What the hell is wrong here?  I have looked for articles discrediting Texans for Truth, but haven’t been able to find anything.  If Bush had served in that squadron, certainly someone would have proof – even if just a photo with Bush in it, suggesting that he was on the base in Alabama – and come forth to get their money. 

Let’s face it – Bush is lying!  Why is the media not covering this?  Is it now up to lowly bloggers to discredit documents and bring to light claims of false statements by the president?  Come on, Dan!  Here’s one you can sink your teeth into!  You people make very nice salaries, while I make exactly $0 from this.  Do your fucking jobs!

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    Unfortunately, the sensationalism of Dan Rather dropping the ball is somehow more important than the fact that not even the White House has argued that the point 60 Minute’s segment was false in anyway.

    Here’s a good question, though: Why did the White House fax copies of those same documents to a large number of reporters (effectively signing off on them) the same evening 60 Minutes aired the segment? If they knew they were forgeries, what would be the point?

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