Man Shoots Dog. Dog Shoots Back.

by alphamonkey on September 9, 2004 · 0 comments

in News,Stupid People

Proving once again that Florida is America’s official Dumpter of Stupidity, a Pensacola man decided that the best way to deal with a litter of puppies was to shoot them one by one.  After three of his brethren went down, one puppy decided he’d had enough, so he shot that son of a bitch.

Awesome!One of these puppies actually shot a man.

(Biscuit knew his street cred was through the roof at the shelter.)

Let’s ignore for a moment the terrible cruelty inherent in a man’s decision to execute puppies.  I’d rather focus on the fact that he had to explain to the hospital doctors that he’d been shot by a puppy.  Since every gunshot wound means notifying the police, he then gets his ass handed an animal cruelty felony!

Sweet, sweet Justice. 

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