My candidate rocks more than your candidate

by The Good Reverend on September 16, 2004 · 0 comments

in Entertainment,Politics

Reason #5209 why you should vote for John Kerry.  He was in a surf rock band

mm hmm.. das right, foo’.  Before Kerry was the monotone speaker he is today, before he was dodging VC gunfire, he was layin’ down chunky bass lines on the sunny beaches of… Massachusetts, I guess.  Ya know, Bill Clinton did alright on the saxophone, and he ended up being probably the best president of my lifetime.  Now, Kerry is no Michael Balzary, but he holds his own on bass.  I mean, they were in highschool after all.

Come on.  Who do you want in office?  A smarmy, dumb-as-shit prick?  Or a surf-rocker!  Go on, have a listen to their hit song, Shanghaied!

I can just see the ads by Ex-Electras for Truth:  “I was in the Electras.  I don’t remember John Kerry ever even picking up a bass guitar.”

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