Since we’re doing the Art thing…

by alphamonkey on September 30, 2004 · 4 comments

in Diversions

I thought I’d kick in with my favorite online portfolio, that of Brandon Bird, the creator of what is probably my second all-time favorite painting: Bad Day on the High Sea. Though Killing Machine and Lazy Sunday Afternoon are strong contenders.

Since Brandon Bird makes such awesome use of Pop Culture in his art, that gives me a good reason to swing over to another artist, Tom Wilson, who is perhaps better known as the guy who played Biff in the Back to the Future series.

Tom Wilson’s Big Pop Fun work is 100% about all those bright plastic hunks of fun we loved as kids and I think they just plain kick ass. 

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  • The Good Reverend

    Glad you reposted Brandon Bird – he’s my absolute favorite artist.  I posted his stuff a looooong time ago, but looks like the post got lost in the mists of time.

  • fatboypartridge

    I’m so diggin that Squid Vs. Whale Vs. T-Rex image. it’s been my desktop for a week or so now..

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, it’s a keeper. I had that as my dtw for quite a while myself.

  • fatboypartridge

    the only thing that can improve on a battle between deep sea creatures… is the majesty of a T-Rex, mounting them in the middle of the ocean, for no apparent reason.

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