Bless you, oh fiscal conservative Republican administration

by alphamonkey on October 8, 2004 · 2 comments

in News,Politics,Stupid People

When people ask me why I state that Bush is certainly not a Republican, here’s what I tell them:When Bush took office in January 2001, the government was forecasting a $5.6 trillion budget surplus between then and 2011. Instead, it is now expecting to accumulate an extra $3 trillion in debt—including a record $415 billion in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. The government has to borrow an average of more than $1.1 billion a day to pay its bills, and it spends more on interest payments on the federal debt each year—about $159 billion—than it does on education, homeland security, justice and law enforcement, veterans, international aid, and space exploration combined.from the Washington Post.

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  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh, wow. I thought it was because of runaway spending on weapons systems that don’t work, 7 billion dollar no-contract bids to companies that rip us off, more levels of government buracracy than any previous administration in our history, wildly expensive Medicare packages that don’t work, two massive tax-cuts, more tax breaks for companies that don’t put proportional money back into the system, and a completely needless war with Iraq that’s going to cost us 200 billion plus by the end of next year.

    I guess I’ve been reading the Bizarro version of the Economist and WSJ.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You can’t tell me that if Gore had actually been put into office that a recession wouldn’t have occurred, jobs wouldn’t have been lost… and this great budget surplus wouldn’t have disappeared along with the world trade center.

    Sure I can. Gore wasn’t the guy who campaigned on the ‘coming recession’. Bush was. The market didn’t start getting shakey until the then Governor of Texas started shooting his dipshit mouth off. I remember quite a few economists opining that the economy was fine, but certainly wouldn’t be if the President-elect kept talking about how bad it was. And see what happened?

    Seeing as Gore was a more technology inclined kinda guy, it’s arguable that while the tech bubble would have burst, it’s impact would have been lessened considerably. Gore would not have given so many tax-breaks to companies for sending jobs overseas, and since Gore would certainly not have dismantled Clinton’s anti-terrorist groups, the attacks of 9/11 could almost certainly have been either averted or drastically reduced in power.

    Now, if you take the position that 9/11 was inevitable, it’s almost without a doubt that Gore would have gone to Afghanistan (hell, Nader would have bombed Afghanistan), but exceedingly unlikely (to the point of unthinkable) that he would have initiated an invasion of Iraq thereby saving a couple 100 billions of dollars right there alone.

    Gore would also not have rolled out massive tax-cuts that any sentient being with a skull could tell you was a bad idea in regards to keeping the National Debt in line.

    So yes, I think it’s entirely reasonable to state that had Gore been elected president, we’d be living in a country with a much healthier economy, more jobs, better healthcare and a more terrorist-free world. Remember, Bush’s staff is comprised of individuals who have a stated and documented goal of bleeding the government dry in order to reduce the federal government to an almost unthinkably small level. They’re free-market globalization guys.

    Look, I’ve never once stated that I thought Kerry was King Shit of Fuck Mountain in the sainthood department. All I’m trying to do is show people that if Bush ran a Wal-Mart the way he’s run this country, he’d have been fired 3 years ago. President Gilligan has done a terrible, terrible job and now it’s time to let someone else drive the boat.

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