by mrcookieface on October 26, 2004 · 4 comments

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The economical mouse and rodent restrainerimage

These tapered plastic film tubes provide quick and easy restraint of rats, mice and other small animals. I.P. injections can be made directly through the film! DecapiCones restrain post-decapitation kicking and prevent personal contact with feces and urine.

I wonder if they make these big enough to hold some people I know.

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  • Shadow Stalker

    Wow, this is kind of horrible.

    But, one of my old chemistry teachers told a story about some guys he knew in college that were doing a research project where they had to decapitate mice (which I guess is the most humane way to kill them without affecting their body chemistry?).  First, they built a little Guillotine, but that was taking too long for the number of mice they had to test.  So they got some liquid nitrogen.

    What they did with it suddenly sounds very barbaric to me, but I think you get the idea if you’ve ever seen someone freeze and shatter a rose with liquid nitrogen.

  • olivesmarch4th

    Oh, no no no no no!  Rats are much better for feeding treats and blowing raspberries on their fat tummies.

  • Shadow Stalker

    I like animals and all, but I don’t think I’d put my mouth on a rat’s tummy.

  • olivesmarch4th

    That’s true.  They never know where my mouth has been. wink

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