DJ Data and MC Jean-Luc

by alphamonkey on October 8, 2004 · 3 comments

in Audio Visual

Whether or not you’ve heard the Picard Song by Dark Materia, you must check out the dance video…  Well… Flash.  But it’s as good as, if not better than, anything on MTV these days.  Plus the thought of Dr. Crusher in a bathing suite still turns me on and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

The Picard Song

Check out Rainbow Animations for a huge pile of funny Flash videos and shorts.

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  • The Good Reverend

    hahaha i absolutely love the chopped up Picard soliloquy and following Worf as B-Boy breakdown.

    Ewoks in trekkie suits was a nice touch too.  funny stuff!

  • Davion

    I’m having nightmares

  • Thundarr

    The ewoks are a nice touch, and I liked Data juggling his own head.

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