For the gal who has everything…

by alphamonkey on October 19, 2004 · 5 comments

in Sexuality

Sometimes a gal just needs a doll that speaks to her lifestyle. (This is especially true after a couple of dates with the GR) For that gift that keeps on giving, give her a Dyke Doll!

Yes, whether the Sapphic sister in your life is Diesel grade, Rockabilly, or just a good ole’ Cowgirl, Dyke Dolls has the Bobbie Doll just for them!  Hey Ladies!

SFW, unless you check out the add-ons. 

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  • Thundarr

    “12” Bobbie Doll-Each doll comes ready to play with a vibrator, leather strap on and dildo”

    Wow, I guess it’s the toy that just keeps on giving.  I do have one slight comment about the name, from Dyke Doll I was dolls of 250 lb. women with crew cuts and tatoos.  Aren’t these more Lipstick Lesbian dolls in punk or grunge wear?

  • fatboypartridge

    [ferrel as alex trebek] and the site has reached, a new low. [/trebek]

  • .alphamonkey.

    You’ve obviously never wandered through our archives, FBP. Our bar is located just 7 inches above the earth’s spinning lava core.

  • fatboypartridge

    that would explain why you’re all so HOT!

    ow ow!

    …oh God i’m gonna go kill myself now.

  • Thundarr

    I’m going to go to hell, but let me ask this….the dolls come with vibrators and strap on dildos, so do they fit in all the right places?

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