it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

by alphamonkey on October 14, 2004 · 3 comments

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I like Halloween. No, wait. I love Halloween.  Specifically, I love Halloween because it gives me the excuse to freak out something silly watching a good horror/thriller movie.  I love watching scary movies about as much as ShadowStalker loves not watching them.  I usually have to dig into the archives this time of year, because Hollywood kinda forgot how to make a scary movie back in the 70’s.  Thankfully, the Japanese have taken scaring your brains out to a whole new level these last few years.  With films like Ju-on, Ringo, and Battle Royale (or just the plain bizarre Ichichi the Killer ) I get all sorts of new ways to not sleep at night.

Hollywood, futurist trend setter that it is, has taken to remaking Japanese horror films to make them more palpatable and less scary to Western eyes. Dumbasses.  Yah, I liked “The Ring”, but I loved “Ringu”.  I’ll probably go see “The Grudge”, but I have a hard time believing that anything starring Sarah Michelle Geller is going to creep me out anywhere near the level of “Ju-on”.

The point of this is, that since Hollywood has decided I’m not worthy of being able to view Japanese movies without an all-region DVD player, I have to settle for their remakes.  The Grudge is out now, but I’m kinda looking forward to Ring 2, which should hit Spring 2005. I shan’t post a Grudge trailer, since it’s all over the airwaves, but let’s take a look at Dreamworks’ Ring 2, shall we?

unplug that damn thing

(click image to get your creep on)

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  • .alphamonkey.

    Then it’s settle…we go see The Grudge!


  • Thundarr

    Well The Grudge has got to be better than The Ring, which aside from not being scary wasn’t even interesting.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You really don’t want me to start me talking about my views on your film choices, do you?

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