The Best of the Web: Robot Edition

by alphamonkey on October 14, 2004 · 2 comments

in Diversions

Every now and then I get to wonderin’: Whatever happened to Gone and Forgotten, Seanbaby, and Yes, where are those, my favorite sites of yesteryear? I know this crap was free, but dammit I want updates and new content. is another such site. I used to check it once a week in the vain hope that it would update, oh please update! I had consigned it to the dead-and-gone folder in my favorites, but lo and behold! It got an update!

Robot vs. Robot! Has the world gone mad?

I love me the humor behind Robot Frank and his hilarious chicanery.  Robot vs. Robot vs. Mascot vs. Mascot! Robots learning precious human emotion from that master emoter, Eric! Anti-human missives and rants!

Fun stuff, I assure you.

So take a journey through the wilds of my favorites folder, baby. And since I showed you mine, you gotta show me yours. 

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  • Thundarr

    You know for a monkey, you sure like robots!  I thought monkeys were supposed to hate robots


  • Thundarr

    Monkey vs. Robot

    go about 3/4 of the way down, and if you’ve got time check out Lego Python, too.

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