The O’Reilly Factor For Kids

by mrcookieface on October 7, 2004 · 5 comments

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Because no one understands children more than Bill fucking O’Reillyimage

What the hell?  Click here for an excerpt, or here for some reviews on

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  • Davion

    The short story on that article touched my heart.

    “Even though I am now famous and successful, I still keep my old friends. And believe me, none of them looks like Jennifer Aniston. It would not be hard being her friend.”

    The man is a true genius.

  • Shadow Stalker

    He couldn’t even write it himself.  What kind of no spin zone has ghost writers?

  • mrcookieface

    Haha, shut up!  Shut up!

  • TheGunTotingLiberal

    I need to get this for my 2 kids…. I want my daughters to be just like O’Reilly.

    I want them to not listen to anyone who disagrees and especially if they are making a point. Never change their mind, always stay firm. Even if you are wrong. I don’t want them to take crap from anyone… especially those dope smoking liberals. 


  • FushigiDenki

    He was on the daily show last night… Still an ass.  I could tell John was holding himself back.

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