What is that on Bush’s back?

by The Good Reverend on October 8, 2004 · 2 comments

in News,Politics

Questions are being raised regarding the bulge on Bush’s back in this photo from the presidential debate.  Was Bush wired to his handlers?  And he still got his ass handed to him?

(img links to article.  If not a subscriber, you’ll have to watch a short ad to view)

This bulge was not photoshopped.  First, I actually remember seeing it as I watched the debate live.  However, 3 pints of Bitburger had supressed my conspiracy gland.  Secondly, the Salon journalist actually tracked down a copy of the debate to verify.  For all you who will respond to this post with something resembling, “U GUYS SUCK!  ALWAYS MAKING STUFF UP!  BUSH AND CHAINEY WILL WIN!  DIE FORM THE EARTH LIBERUL SCUMBAGS!”, I ask that you at least verify the bulge yourself before the accusations.

I am not saying it was necessarily a wire (which would be in complete violation of the “debate contract”, btw).  However, it is interesting that part of the contract did contain a demand by the Bush camp to disallow any shots of the candidates from behind.  Also interesting is that Bush spokespersons have refused to answer calls as to what that bulge was.  If you have nothing to hide, why not tell us what it is?

thanks to Patrick Rock for the link

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  • Oraxis

    Actually, to keep himself occupied while people that he is disinterested in are talking, he plays little games of mental-pong with himself.  “Final score, Kerry zero, Dubya a google-infinity!  Dubya wins!  Oh, is it my turn to talk?  Errr…um….” and then “My opponent says wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, wrong…uh…place…wrong…uh…my opponent has weapons of mass destruction, people!”

  • http://360.yahoo.com/razorfine_review Thundarr

    I’ll tell you what I think it is, Bush had both his nipples wired during the debate and Cheaney gave him a good shock every time he said something good or smiled and a bad shock when he started to mumble or scowl.

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