November 2004

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This is exactly how I interpreted Harper Lee’s classic.

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Spam!Lycos has released a screensaver that let’s you give a little back to those less-than-fine folk who pepper your inbox with useless offers.  Whilst your away from your machine, the screensaver will endlessly request data from sites that generate spam, jacking up their bandwidth costs and hopefully slowing down their infernal work.

Oh sweet, sweet Justice. This gives me an idea though.  Hop on over to the forums and submit the best of your spam mail (the text, not the actual e-mail).  This stuff is comedy gold, folks. 

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This game took up a goodly portion of my morning.  I’ve never been fond of Myst like games, but I like the design and format of this one. As a bonus users can leave messages and hints for each other via an in-game PDA. 

So have at it kids: Walking In Circles

After multiple attempts, I finally solved this bad-boy of a game.  Hints will be doled out as I see fit. 

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Let’s face it: Some people are just hard to shop for.  Finding a CD or DVD set that ZolarCzakl hasn’t already bought is like trying to find a Mormon at a gangbang. And Shadow Stalker? Well, how many times can you hear “We make this better on the Moon” before you put a fist through his hoity-toity Moonie face? (Answer: 4.  I counted. )

Brains! Braiiiiiins!But let’s set aside the idea that you’ve got a persnickity member of the Transbuddha family to buy a gift for and assume that you’ve got an even tougher-to-please demographic on your holiday list.  I’m speaking of course, of Zombies.  Clothes, games, tie-racks? Not hardly.  The modern zombie is a finicky and picky pal, making for some very tough gift-buying decisions.  Thankfully, has come along to make your holiday buying a little simpler. With a wide variety of brains and helpful customer reviews, Brains 4 Zombies will certainly take a load of your undead gift needs.

Don’t say we’ve never made your life simpler.

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Music to cut your ears off to.

by alphamonkey on November 29, 2004

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I recently rediscovered this little gem whilst browsing through some of my more neglected Favorites folders.  Andrew and Sean are a not-so-dynamic duo consisting of (I think) a father-son double assualt on your aural nerves.  I can forgive Andrew for his involvement in this little experiment in musical torture.  After all, he’s like 8.  Sean however needs to be hit with a hammer a couple of times for not only encouraging this atrocity, but for putting it on the intraweb to spread the pain around. 

Anyway, Andrew sings about the ups and downs of a young lad’s life. You know; the beach, school, Mother’s Day, television, and, of course, every child’s favorite place to be: Church.

I love you Google Image Search!

Clicky-clicky for brain-melting innane musical psychosis. 

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Get Your Geek On

by alphamonkey on November 27, 2004 · 1 comment

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I’m not so far removed from my inner geek that this site can’t get me fired up with the envy.  I’ll admit it: I really, really, really want a Stormtrooper outfit.  Do I have the time and energy to devote to making one? Not hardly.  As the photographic evidence attests, whenever I do put a costume together it looks a little insane no matter how much effort I put into it.

So I’m stuck with coveting from afar.  *sigh*oh, hell yah

Bonus link: This site has even more detailed Stormtrooper mods as well as Boba Fett costume mods. 

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First we had the 10 years old Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese (which eventually sold for a whopping 28K to a casino, no less), and now we have the Hello! Kitty Grilled Cheese.

Strangely, the Vatican has been silent on both auctions. image

I think it’s time for me to start my newest endeavor, the Mr T. Grilled Cheese. 

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In your face, Turkey!Now that our national day of bird gluttony is over, perhaps it’s time to turn our attention to a food that doesn’t get the love it should. I’m referring of course, to EGGS!  Thankfully, Japan Korea has once again come to our rescue to remind us that our little white and yellow pal has always been there for us, and will turn into a cowboy if we cry hard enough. 

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I am so moving to Japan.  Strange vending machines, geisha girls, f-ed up gameshows… one can’t even watch a children’s soccer game without stepping into a bizarro world freak show.Yes, not to be outdone by a rival network’s hit shows, “Most Extreme Humiliation Challenge!” and “How Much Money To Surgically Remove That Bodypart!”, NipponTV has come out with their latest brainchild, “Pestering Children With Natural Disasters!”

In this episode, a man by the name of Goku is watching his son Gohan’s soccer game.  Displeased with the amount of playing time his son is getting, he summons +5 Spell of Tornado.

We call the Twister for our team

Make your time.  ha ha ha

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Do you worry that your deviant lifestyle might not be a golden ticket into heaven? Are you unsure whether your furry bear suit might not pass the dress code posted on the Pearly Gates? Well worry no more! One dedicated individual has finally decided that that werewolf and furry communities are in dire need of salvation, and he’s gonna give it to ‘em. I'm not sure if a dragon is the right mascot for this page

Let’s sum-up our new pal Moltar’s ministry:

I no longer play roleplaying games. I don’t need them. I have the Holy Spirit to give me miraculous powers. I have the Father to supply all my needs. I have Jesus to change me into a dragon and create neat lizard people to assist me in heaven. I don’t need the fantasy because I have the reality.

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