And coming as a complete suprise to no one:

by alphamonkey on November 17, 2004 · 8 comments

in News,Sci-Tech

Since Rock n’ Roll has destroyed my ears, it only stands to reason that my other major hobby is also actively trying to harm me. Yup:Computers make you blind.

The main conclusion of the study is: short-sighted heavy computer users are most at risk from developing glaucoma. The scientists suggest that the optic nerve in short-sighted users might be more sensitive to “computer stress”. Their report concludes: “Computer stress is reaching higher levels than have ever been experienced before. In the next decade, therefore, it might be important for public health professionals to show more concern about myopia and VFA [visual field abnormalities] in heavy computer users.”

Now if you could only see what I hear…

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    this is a job for…. LEGALIZING IT




  • .alphamonkey.

    That might also account for my Chewbacca-esque keyboard.

  • Shadow Stalker

    See why I advocate interfacing to the optical nerve directly?  Besides how cool that would be, aside from the mess.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I have a hard enough time cleaning Scotch out of my keyboard..I don’t want to have to worry about eye-jelly too.

  • Souped_up_on_Jihad

    Ahh, so this explains why my eyes are going shot when the genetics in my family are pretty strong on good vision. But, I only spend about 12 hours a day on the computer, and that’s not much. Right guys?

  • ZolarCzakl

    What? I couldn’t really see that last comment too well…

  • The Good Reverend

    It said only “short-sighted, heavy computer users” are at risk.  I am height-weight proportionate, so I dodged a bullet on that one.

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