Best. Screen Saver. EVER.

by alphamonkey on November 29, 2004 · 9 comments

in Sci-Tech

Spam!Lycos has released a screensaver that let’s you give a little back to those less-than-fine folk who pepper your inbox with useless offers.  Whilst your away from your machine, the screensaver will endlessly request data from sites that generate spam, jacking up their bandwidth costs and hopefully slowing down their infernal work.

Oh sweet, sweet Justice. This gives me an idea though.  Hop on over to the forums and submit the best of your spam mail (the text, not the actual e-mail).  This stuff is comedy gold, folks. 

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  • Shadow Stalker

    That’s cool.  It’s even fun to watch.

  • _DNC_

    It reminds me of the movie “War Games” when it’s running.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Greetings, Dr. Falken. I’d heard you died. I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.

    Would you like to play a game? How about a nice game of chess?

  • .alphamonkey.
  • Shadow Stalker

    Hack or not, I can’t get to the site anymore.  Is anyone else having this problem with the screen saver?

  • .alphamonkey.

    My screen saver is working fine, I can’t get to the main site, however. Anyone want to lay odds on a DOS attack?

  • Shadow Stalker

    Not this prolonged.  I’d bet that they weren’t prepared for the number of users they got.  Especially if they actually believed the release was restricted to Europe.

  • Cananopie

    My screen saver says it’s not connected to their server and I also cannot get to the main site anymore… And people are still pumping out news sources on how great it is, I think Shadow Stalker is right about the number of hits they got.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I know they broke 90K downloads in the first day alone, so who knows. I’m not able to connect either.

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