Music to cut your ears off to.

by alphamonkey on November 29, 2004 · 0 comments

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I recently rediscovered this little gem whilst browsing through some of my more neglected Favorites folders.  Andrew and Sean are a not-so-dynamic duo consisting of (I think) a father-son double assualt on your aural nerves.  I can forgive Andrew for his involvement in this little experiment in musical torture.  After all, he’s like 8.  Sean however needs to be hit with a hammer a couple of times for not only encouraging this atrocity, but for putting it on the intraweb to spread the pain around. 

Anyway, Andrew sings about the ups and downs of a young lad’s life. You know; the beach, school, Mother’s Day, television, and, of course, every child’s favorite place to be: Church.

I love you Google Image Search!

Clicky-clicky for brain-melting innane musical psychosis. 

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