Well, dammit.

by alphamonkey on November 3, 2004 · 15 comments

in News,Politics,Stupid People

As you probably know, as of last night there was no clear winner in the Presidential Election. (Or I as I call it: SNAFU 04).  Ohio is too close to call, Iowa won’t have an answer until later today, and things do indeed look bleak for my team.  However, I refuse to give up hope and shall continue to believe that America isn’t as completely retarded as the polls indicated last night. 

To sum up: My current mood is most aptly conveyed by this picture:


But if Ohio and Iowa go to President Numbnuts, my mood will be better conveyed thusly:

damn you

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  • http://www.jalopyjournal.com Harvestor of Bondo

    Moderator. Moderation. You aren’t good at either.

    Seriously, Kerry needs to be a man and throw in the the towel. It’s over. The democrats LOST! Somehow, someway… The American people actually showed some intelligence and did the RIGHT thing.

    I’m sure Moore is already doing a movie about how they fucked Kerry in Ohio. It’s a joke really. All of you people have been played by your own party… And your naivety is a fucking riot.

  • inoir

    If Kerry was in the lead, the GOP would be doing the same thing (if not more). 

    M. Moore should be shot, like that pumpkin picture.

    Anyone in america who thinks their vote is worth a damn is being played. 

    Anyone who doesn’t vote is being played. 

    Maybe we all should look like that pumpkin.

    I wish I had an orange head.

  • FlyBoy311

    you damn hippy

  • http://360.yahoo.com/razorfine_review Thundarr

    First off, love the pic of the Tom Baker Dr. Who.  The situation is starting to look bleak, but I did notice one thing that isn’t being talked about.  CNN’s ticker is reporting that Kerry won 90% of the District of Columbia.  90% of this country’s capital, with perhaps they most informed voters, where laws are made, voted AGAINST Bush 9 to 1.

    As for the popular vote it seems that my cynical belief about the majority of people being profoundly stupid has been held up once again.

    I am very, very, very afraid of where this country is headed.  A re-elected Crawford TX town drunk, 11 of 11 states voting to deny rights to certain groups of American citizens, a war in Iraq with no end in sight, a military forcing its soldiers to re-enlist and stay in Iraq but needing more and more troops that will eventually call for some type of draft, the greatest deficit in this country’s history that grows every single day.  If it’s true that Bush is promoting a policy of bringing about the End of Days, I think he’s doing a fine job.  Anyone know how hard it is to get Canadian citizenship?

  • alternatego

    Yeah, isn’t DC the murder capital of the world sometimes?  Anyone’s increased smugness over big victories in either DC or IL (Chicago wins 2003’s “Biggest Murdering Jerks” award could also be construed as wanton disregard for all human life and thus begs their removal from society.


    I don’t know shiat about D.C nor do I want to.

    Just wanted to say Yay for Bush!

    Finally, America isn’t listening to Hollywood or Craze minded New Yorkers~

    I, for one, am proud to be an American today!

    Oh yeah, Michael Moore is an idiot.

    That is all.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/razorfine_review Thundarr

    Howard Dean 2008

  • Souped_up_on_Jihad

    I think they are going to be searching out the governors for candidates next time, so Dean would be a possibility again. I’d also watch for them to tap Bill Richardson, Mike Easley, Bob Wise, etc…

  • http://360.yahoo.com/razorfine_review Thundarr

    I don’t feel shame for my country.  What I feel is a deep disappointment in their lack of understanding for what was at stake in this election, and a profound fear in where this president will lead us.  To re-elect a COMPLETELY incompetent individual just because you would rather have a beer with the guy, doesn’t seem like the best reason to elect him leader of the free world.

    With a larger Republican majority in both houses and now the opportunity to make some changes on the supreme court, as at least 1 if not more justices will step down over the next 4 years, what we have to look forward to is quite scary indeed:

    A president who honestly believes in the End of Days

    A drastic re-definition of the right to privacy

    Possible over-turning over Roe v. Wade

    No crackdown on gun violence in the US

    An open ended checking account to spend in Iraq

    More soldiers dying overseas

    The very real issue of a back door, or even front door draft

    Another costly war in Iran

    More tax cuts for the uppper 1%

    The continuing alienation of foreign countries

    Limitations on the rights of gay Americans

    Rise of the nation debt by the trillion

    More jobs lost overseas

    Constitutional Amendments banning flag burning, gay marriage and more

    Less chance of medical research being able to use all options open to them

    The end of Social Security as we know it

    US still dependent of foreign oil (Texas = Oil Lobby)

    Cheaney as the presumptive nominee in 2008

  • Da Urge

    I love when they say Bush is the first son of a president re-elected (CNN said this atleast 3 times, NBC and ABC once from what I saw) So take that John Adams.  No more lame facts that only go back 6 elections.  (redskins winning, Dow jones numbers, fluff like that used to fill time)

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    John Quincy Adams only served a single term as President. Hence, it’s true that Shrub is the only son-of-a-bitchuh, president to be re-elected.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/om_mani_padme olivesmarch4th

    Frankly, as desperately as I wanted Kerry to be President, I am more horrified that so many states banned gay marriage yesterday.  It makes me feel physically ill.  Worse, this actually happened in MY beautiful state of Michigan.  Now that breaks my heart.

    As far as the Presidency goes, I have decided to accept it as gracefully as John Kerry did.  What matters the most is that for once we had a fair election… I do not suspect any massive treachery was involved (other than the usual dingbats on both sides.) I believe the votes for Kerry just weren’t there.  I also want to kick some non-voting youth asses because this was my first time voting and I expected way more youth involvement.

    But anyone who can go on national TV (like the idiot on CNN last night) and say that America is a Conservative country needs to have his head examined.  At most, last night proved that 50% of Americans are conservative.  You can’t just pretend the other half of us don’t exist, and it’s equally stupid to say one half of us is wrong and the other half is right. 

    I don’t like GW at all, but now I am looking to him to unite this country.  He has a great opporuntity here and I hope he grabs ahold of it.

  • Pragmatist

    The largest mistake was that he never sent in enough troops, every day you hear reports from the military officers stating that they need more manning to do the job they are told they need to do.  Wasnt there another war where politics got in the way of winning the fight?

  • Pragmatist

    ah who cares what this country was based on.  Its good to know your history and all but come on dude, if we wanna revert then tell all them women they cant vote anymore.  We should be more concerned with what we are and where we are going.  Fine and well that we started out with religious fundamentalism, but that was a long time ago.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/razorfine_review Thundarr

    Can’t we all just get along?  (If not let’s just kill Harvestor and dump his body someplace)

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