For the Grandma who has everything..

by The Good Reverend on December 23, 2004 · 3 comments

in Sexuality

All I can say is, Thank God for “No Image Available”.  Do you have an impressive book collection in your study, but just feel that it’s, well, missing something?

My apologies to the randomly Googled “Grandma” in this photo that will now forever be tied to the “black arts”.

I just love the – {ahem}, “reviews” – that were filled out for this book.  Don’t know how long this page will stay up at Amazon, so I’ve included them here…

This video can save lives!

Reviewer:  Ben Dover “Anyl Connoisseur”

I bought this for my grandmother for her birthday and she can’t stop talking about it. And this isn’t the pretend thanks I usually get for my gifts. This is truly heartfelt.

She was sharing some of the tips she’s learned at the bingo parlor and one of her friends discovered her husband’s enlarged prostate that night! If it hadn’t been for Anal Massage, who knows how long he would have gone without treatment? Now his doctor is recommending this video for all his patients.

I’ve ordered a copy for myself and I’ll let you know how it turns out. I rarely wear pants at the office anyway; now’s the time to make that work FOR me.

Thanks to Jacob S. down at ASU for the quality find.  I don’t even want to know what you were searching for when you happened upon this. wink

Anal Delight

Reviewer:  Damion “LongFellow”

I can’t stop shivering. This is the best product on the market and a wonderful stocking stuffer. Speaking of stuffing, I have opened a whole new world of pleasure and relaxation. All of my female room mates are in love with this DVD. We have experienced hours of pleasure and wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvinated. Don’t hesitate to purchase this for the holidays. My hand and arm are tired, but with the aid of lube, air freshner and and enormous condom, now everynight is a friday night! Thanks Anal Massage! What a load off!

Glory Be!

Reviewer:  Jack Kauffman “Seat Warmer”

I’m a high tech worker, so my job is basically to sit on my poor, aching anus, warming my “ergonomic” seat all day long. Most days my anus is numb by my 3pm coffee walk, so I have to tell you that found this DVD to be a true godsend.

Now I can’t wait to get home after work, drop my pants, and gingerly relieve the pressure that’s been building up all day long. Some of the techniques in the DVD for anus massage are even subtle enough to do at work, while you sit there in your own cubicle! Suddenly, all your concerns just fade away, and you’re ready for whatever action items come your way.

Helps keep that seat warm too.

Who Knew?

Reviewer:  Dave McRoddy “Diamond Dave”

While I purchased this DVD mostly for masterbating, I have come to find that it is much more than just a spank video. I truly feel enlightened about not only my own anus, but other anuses as well.


Reviewer:  j “j”

oh man. thanks to this video the dog doesnt have to fear friday nights anymore. Thanks Dr. Booty hole!

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  • _DNC_

    If you didn’t know it was a book, this part would be scarry.

    “2 used & new from $22.95 “

  • The Good Reverend

    HAHAHA!  i didn’t even catch that!

  • _DNC_

    Edit: DVD, not book

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