Free The Kid!!

by ShadowStalker on December 7, 2004 · 2 comments

in Diversions

On September 17, The Good Reverend made a promise to this community and to the world at large.  He told us of a woman eating a stale Twinkie, and promised the “full story and video footage” was forthcoming.

No such video ever surfaced, nor has any mention of said footage been made nearly 4 months after the fact. Where is this footage?  What are you trying to hide, Reverend, if that is your real name?  We, the people, have a right to see this video, and demand that it be made public!  Too long have we floundered in this Twinkie video wilderness with nothing more than vague promises and tantalizing teases! 

After all this, have you no shame, sir? Have you no sense of decency?

– Sincerly, the Twinkie Video Vets for Truth

Make your voice heard by commenting on this post.  Let the Reverend know that you will be kept in Twinkie darkness no longer!

Twinkie the Kid in jail

Free Twinkie the Kid!!

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  • Just Plain Bob

    I served with The Good Reverned in Chaplain boot camp, and I can vouch that he never mentioned no twinkies.

  • wandering tiger

    mmmmm… twinky…….

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