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by alphamonkey on December 17, 2004 · 4 comments

in Audio Visual

I know it’s probably not cool to point fun at the goofier aspects of international culture, but it’s not cool to smoke in church and I’ve done that too. As such, I’ve no compunction at all about gently mocking this musical treasure from the Balkans brought to us by Fredi Miler, the Unibrow of Pop.

Courtesy of the fine folks at The Fredy Miler Fun Club!

Ladies, you cannot resist his power.

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  • killdozr

    How i long for the days of Super Greg.

    wait a minute…is this Super Greg’s new project??

    it would make so much sense..

  • Just Plain Bob

    Danged languages. GOSH.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Great. Now we’ve angered a cult. AGAIN.

  • Just Plain Bob

    okay. let me explain this, because apparently people google-searched “fredy miler” and came up with transbuddha (or we’ve got a huge fanbase in the balkan/italian/serbian/slovenian/uzbekistanian/whatever regions of the globe) and haven’t yet realized the purpose of this site.

    we make fun of people.

    he has a funny unibrow.


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