The good, the bad, and the horrendously stupid

by alphamonkey on December 15, 2004 · 14 comments

in Audio Visual,Stupid People

We go on and on about the best videos of all time, but what about the worst? They are certainly out there and they deserve our scorn and derision. Like this one. Egads is it terrible.

Have at it.

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  • olivesmarch4th

    Hahahahaha.  That’s so funny.  Because it can’t possibly be serious, right?  Right, AM?  It can’t be serious, right?


  • fealty2dahriyah

    point your missle in my direction and by missle I mean mistletoe….

    I’m so glad there was subtitles.

    is it me or are these guys all rejects that fell out of the ugly tree.

    and it’s my experience anything this horrid cannot be faked.

  • Levi Called Biff

    I wish I was dead. Hell couldn’t possibly be worse than this.

  • Just Plain Bob

    I wish I could be seeing this. Dammit, stupid 56k shitty AOL sunnuvabitch… i miss my college LAN connection. i’m living without good internet till mid-january…

  • Just Plain Bob

    GR’s home videos?

  • Just Plain Bob

    However, it’s possible that her perceptions are based simply upon the asses around her, and if reincarnated somewhere else with the exact same ass, she’d be forced to admit that her ass is not so, as she says, “nice”.

  • Cananopie

    War SO isn’t awesome!

  • Haserhud

    Too bad their positive message, like a lot of people, is ruined by their stupid presentation of it.  they kute tho ^_^%%^%$( kekekppp

  • _DNC_

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing.  Had to stop when they got to the mistletoe.

  • olivesmarch4th

    I’m trying to figure out if this is real or not.  The web site hosting the video appears to be a business specializing in web graphics, in all seriousness… however, they also appear to have a great sense of humor, so I’m torn.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Alright, I’ll confess. It’s a Christmas card put out by an advertising firm. (Much like the Chris Christmas Rodriguez shorts)

  • fealty2dahriyah

    jesus why dont i get paid for this crap

  • olivesmarch4th

    The worst thing is you find yourself singing the song all day long.  That and the Muppet one, too.

  • Just Plain Bob

    the BBC alerts us to all of our country’s follies before we get to them.

    so, about that video this thread is based on… y’know.

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