They are still laughing…

by alphamonkey on December 21, 2004 · 9 comments

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evilI can see their faces glowing through the hellfire. They smile at my pain. They laugh at my agony. They’ve got the whole world dazed and confused…

Look into this little girls eyes. What do you see? You see innocence, youthfulness, life… “She prolly wants a pony,” you think. “Maybe a puppy.”

Well, I call bullshit.

She pushes christianity. She pushes her god. She pushes her right to take your money, fly airplanes into buildings, force her ideas and values, and just generally fuck your life up. You guys laugh. You guys think the SOMA and LORATAB have finally gone to my brain, but you are all wrong… I have clarity and we are all screwed.

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    I’m w/ bondo…. no flesh shall be spared

  • Shadow Stalker

    Eh, she’s only ten.  Wait until she’s 17, she’s lost her faith, and the pressure of genius has made her crack.  Then we’ll see some cool paintings.  Or she’ll stab herself with a paint knife.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Bah, I’ve seen better black velvet paintings.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    if she’s anything like me, she’ll crack by 14. and I sir am no prodigy… just a trouble maker

    there is something off about her poetry. not that a 10yo couldn’t do it, but something is wrong. other than a 10 yo using mirth like 8 times in 30 poems.

  • alternatego

    She paints better than I do and gets paid more than I do.  I don’t buy the $110 silk ties or $220 wool scarves that were being sold as I shopped this week, but some people do.  She’s been on Oprah, she’s obviously got some good marketers (as does Gap), why all the fuss here?  She paints Jesus, so did Da Vinci.  Are we a little defensive?

  • Just Plain Bob

    I was all for defending her, till I saw she co-hosted the Wayne Brady show…

  • fealty2dahriyah

    I make bryant gumble look like lois farakhan do it…

  • .alphamonkey.

    wow..44 minutes until the unescapable Chappelle’s Show reference. I would have given it 5 minutes, tops.

    First there was Godwin, and now there is Chappelle.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    well if I could have put up an audio link to yakkity sacks I would have…

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