Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

by alphamonkey on December 8, 2004 · 11 comments

in Sexuality

Quick: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say the title aloud?

You’re damn right it’s porn.  Even though porn hasn’t used that kind of music since 1979, wakka-chikki will always bring it to mind. That’s why Comfort Stand Records decided to put together Porn Music For the Masses (Vol. 1), an electronica collection of modern day versions of that wakka chikka soul and spirit.

There’s some damn good stuff on this comp, so turn the cube lights down low, light a candle, and lay down the sex law at the cube farm.

Best of all, it’s free to download! Yah!

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  • mrcookieface

    Wow.  That’s a great link monkey.  I own this from that place we used to work at.  It’s along the same lines, and is quite excellent.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Ooooooooh. WANT.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/razorfine_review Thundarr

    You should talk to our psuedo-Rastafarian music seller, he’s owned a couple of cd’s of this for years.

  • Just Plain Bob

    Bow chikka bow-wow.

  • Just Plain Bob

    I smell a connection to the Grover thread…

    Where exactly did Fozzie get all his street smarts? what was he into?

    Wakka, wakka…

  • Just Plain Bob

    what the HELL? that doesn’t even make SENSE!

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Ha-ha! Now it looks like you’re dissing your own comment.

  • Just Plain Bob

    You are not a nice man.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    I’m unclear as to how you might have reached the conclusion that I was.

  • Just Plain Bob

    Serves me right for putting my faith in Dionne Warwick.

  • http://www.wmrecordings.com WM Recordings

    Now available: Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka volume 2!

    Check it out on WM Recordings:

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