by alphamonkey on December 27, 2004 · 1 comment

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In the tradition of Mrs. Miller, I proudly present to you, the audio treasure known as Wing!  Wing comes to us from New Zealand via Hong Kong and she’s here to bring a smile to your face with her distinctive song stylings.  Why not listen for yourself?

What blows my mind about this aural wonder is not that she has an album, after all anyone can put together an album if you have the cash, but that she has FOUR albums all graciously funded by the Manukau City Council for promotion. 

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  • professor dookie

    This must be some kind of sick demented conspiracy to attack Americans.  I would rather wash my face with battery acid and dry it with a belt sander than have to listen to her screeching….Not only that but she didnt re-record the Beatles she just wails over the top of them! Why hasnt Bush hunted this terrorist down! Damn the Chinese! shock

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