Make the Linux Switch

by alphamonkey on January 14, 2005 · 1 comment

in Audio Visual,News,Sci-Tech

You’ve seen the Mac Switch ads, but now Linux has thrown it’s hat into the ring.

I gotta say, as attached to WinXp as I am, a Beowulf cluster of atomic supermen might be what it takes to make me convert to Linux, and I do need an OS that’ll work with my orbiting brain lasers. 

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{ 1 comment }

1 Shadow Stalker January 14, 2005 at 12:06 pm

Linux will never be a desktop standard.  I know I’m committing geek heresy, but my grandmother, who writes emails longhand before typing them on the computer, would never be able to figure out X, much less Emacs or (god forbid) a command-line shell.  That’s assuming someone could install it for her, and maintain it when things go wrong.

Linux is good for servers.  It’s fast, stable, and has a small footprint, it has an incredible array of free software, it’s highly configurable and open to mods.  But the user interface is not very intuitive, and most processes, including setup, are not fire and forget.  I realize that you can automate processes, but do you really expect your mother to learn shell programming?

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