Shitty Bum

by The Good Reverend on January 20, 2005 · 1 comment

in Audio Visual

There isn’t much in the way of music videos nowadays that really make me sit up and take notice.  In fact, not since The Best Video Ever, “Call on Me”.  And it’s still the best video ever, but here’s another brilliant one for you:  the song is called Shitty Bum by C-Mon and Kypski.

These guys are cool on so many levels.  First of all, he’s wearing a Delicious Vinyl shirt.  Anyone else send away for one of these when they were 10?  Yes, you could own one of these gems for $5 and the coupon in your Tone Loc cassette tape.  (Oh yeah, I was that white suburban kid that listened to Loc, Easy-E, and NWA.  In my defense though, I never wore my hat sideways or talked in ebonics.  Give me some credit here).  So when I saw that shirt, I immediately dug these guys.

Second, the video is just creative as hell.  And done by them – no big budgets, just a computer.

Third, this is some GREAT music!  Some of their stuff reminds me a bit of one of my favorites, DJ Shadow, but no so foreboding.  Shitty Bum, however, is this kickass blend of that early-to-mid 80s East Coast hiphop feel with a healthy dose of Stereolab thrown in.  I just smile everytime I see this video.

After several nights in the clubs where some trance dj jerks the record back a couple times and acts like he just cured fucking polio, I thought real Scratch was dead.  Well, it’s alive and well!  In fact, these guys have come up with something called Clocktaves – scratch records with notes arranged in octaves around the disc so you can actually scratch melodies.  They have all the links wrapped in Flash, so you’ll just have to go to the main site, click “Video’s”, then “What are clocktaves” to read up on it.

Oh, and in case that kickass scratching bit during the cartoon didn’t convince you of the complexity of the art, here’s another little something from their site.

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1 Shadow Stalker January 20, 2005 at 8:56 pm

Not bad.  For the Dutch.

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