The Red-Headed League

by alphamonkey on January 19, 2005

in Audio Visual

Casimir sent me a link to the Red-Headed League’s site and I must say I was initally skeptical simply because he said he was friends with one of the creators/contributors. 

You know how it is..there’s always that guy that tells you “Dude, you totally have to check out my friend’s band! They’re awesome!” and of course like an idiot you go, and it’s the worst damn thing you’ve ever had happen to your ears since that time you let Godzilla scream directly into them for 2 bucks.

But thankfully Casimir’s headsup was on the money, and I truly dug what I found there. It’s chock full of video (which are a bit larger than I feel like hosting here), but I really recommend checking out Will Carlough’s Awesome Movie Show, wherein one movie store clerk explains (and re-enacts) our favorite movies.  Fun!

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