Tsunami videos

by The Good Reverend on January 17, 2005 · 2 comments

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First of all, I want to know if the photo below is real.  I haven’t read anywhere that the wave got this high, but I could be wrong.  If it’s real, holy f’ing christ.

I was going to forego the seemingly perfunctory “tsunami post”.  First, I think we can all agree it has been well-covered.  What more is there to say on it, really?  Secondly, we’re kind of a humor site.. correction – we think we’re a humor site – that is a point of great contention amongst our readers.  Try as I might, I’m just not finding anything funny about this.  Well okay – I will confess that I had a guilty laugh when I read that a relief helicoptor came under heavy poison dart attack when flying low over the Nicobar Islands, home to several Stone-Age tribes.  Other than that, though, nothing funny about this.

However, I’m posting anyway.  This (we can hope) will be the worst disaster of our lifetimes, and I have been just humbled and awed by the destructive power of Mother Nature.  So I’ve been collecting the videos.  Might as well share the bandwidth burden that several sites are experiencing.

I hope you have all already donated by now.  If you haven’t, you’re probably not going to, but I’m putting up a relief link anyway.  More than anything else, I was really affected by the photos of the children.  So my money went to UNICEF.

I’ll leave you with a Transbuddha public service announcement that might save your life:  if you are ever outside and notice that suddenly there are no birds chirping or small furry creatures hopping about… run like hell.  Now for some random stuff (WARNING – in at least one of the vids, persons are being seen swept up in the wave and presumed to be killed):

Here’s a site with some satellite before-after pics.

A well-done flash info piece by the NY Times.

The vids:

British tourist narrates incoming waves

Thai man swept up in the surge

Banda Aceh – people trapped as the town around their home is flooded

German tourist narrates sea recession and waves. You can actually see snorkelers get stranded in the sand as the water gets sucked out from around them.

Waves crash tree line at Patong Beach

Hotel courtyard in Sri Lanka flooded

Waves cover swimming pool at Sri Lanka resort

Waters rise in Phuket restaurant. (I was very disappointed when I finally heard the correct pronunciation of “Phuket”.

I’ll post more as I find them.  If you find an interesting article, vid, etc., send them our way.

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1 mrcookieface January 17, 2005 at 2:35 am

Snopes.com already debunked that pic.  It’s actually a manipulated depiction of the skyline of Antofagasta, Chile:


And you can check out the facts here:


2 The Good Reverend January 17, 2005 at 11:19 am

thanks.  yeah, i didn’t see any waves like that in the videos.

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