Viral Marketing

by alphamonkey on January 31, 2005 · 5 comments

in Diversions

I think it’s safe to say that the original Blair Witch Project site wins the honors of being the first big viral marketing of a major product.  The site was creepy and strange, but gave just enough information to get you wondering what the hell was going on.  Of course, that novel idea is almost considered an essential part of any marketing package nowadays.  (Though my favorite example will always be the Robot Mini-Cooper). 

The Ring 2 is gearing up for it’s cinematic assault on your senses (and your ability to look at a turned off television), and I’ve been seeing links to all over the place.  It’s a great idea and I realize that the premise of the site hinges on a plot point of the sequel, but I’m still sad as I think this would have been so much more effective as part of the original film’s campaign.  Neat stuff, though.

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1 Just Plain Bob January 31, 2005 at 5:34 pm

viral marketing.. psht.

lately i’ve been getting pissed at these “inNw?” ads i’m seeing everywhere. they’re for DORITOS. how boring is that? And of course I went to the website… around here they have all sorts of billboards with the big red letters, “inNw?” and somewhere on the bottom, smaller, it says ‘’

it stands for “if not now, when?” and i find this to be not only completely unrelated to doritos.. i find it to be absurd on its own. This culture is way too obsessed with immediate gratification. Everybody needs to step back and realize it’s not all about pleasing yourself, ALL the time. Damn hedonists.

If anybody needs me, i’ll be in the Angry-Dome.

2 Shadow Stalker January 31, 2005 at 10:30 pm

Because someday there will be no more Doritos.  If you don’t have your last Dorito now, when will you?

3 Just Plain Bob February 1, 2005 at 12:45 am

At the second coming of the messiah, when Jesus hands me a bag and says “yo, dude… want some doritos?”

4 Shadow Stalker February 1, 2005 at 8:54 pm

The force is strong in this one.

5 fealty2dahriyah January 31, 2005 at 5:54 pm

I think the best thing blair witch did was setup the infomercial on sci-fi. it completely built up all the background story that the real movie missed, and fuck it fit well for the scifi junky mentality.

When I was interning in chicago several years ago I tried to get them to do billboards on the side of buildings that looked exactly like graffeti, but w/ web addresses. not real original but I thought effective… guess not.

I think ad agencies are completely missing the mark, this type of stuff is to make you champaign fluid and seamless. much like the dorito thing, it doesn’t round out anything, hell it doesn’t make sense other than one tagline. i don’t think if you have a huge old existing campaign you can, do what this technique does, and create a world around the product. it seems to work well for things(like movies,or lifestyles) that blur the lines of reality.

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