Arrested Development to be cancelled?

by alphamonkey on February 10, 2005 · 8 comments

in Stupid People

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has reduced it’s order for new episodes of Arrested Development (the best damn show on network television) to make room for Seth McFarlane’s aggressively unfunny American Dad. Wha-wha-whaaaaaaaat?

Oh, c’mon!  If Arrested Development gets bumped from the Sunday line-up it’s almost certain death for the funniest half-hour of television.  Not cool, Fox.  Not cool.

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  • The Good Reverend

    Agreed.  Arrested Development is one of only 2 shows on the main networks that I try to make a point to watch.  Why do they always cancel the good shit?

    Townsfolk!  To the pitchforks!

  • Davion

    For cyrin out loud.  Just when I begin to enjoy a tv show.  Freakin Fox!  Death to your stupidity!

  • fealty2dahriyah

    this is classic fox, cancel a good show before it gets a real strong leg under it. maybe it will come back in 4 years to replace the failing american dad. I don’t seem to understand why this station beats to death the worst show ideas and kills shit that is brilliant. but I wont go into my anger about futurama right now.

    lets just switch to upn!

  • Levi Called Biff

    This is a joke right? I horrible joke. They can’t do that. Why not put American dad after Arrested? Arrested is by far one of the best shows fox has to offer. And why do we need a crappy repeat of the simpsons? You know its going to be one of the shitty ones that has been played 50 other times on other channels. Not one of the good classic ones that seem to have just disappeared!

    I am slightly to overly angered at this moment. American dad, the piolt wasn’t that bad, but come on, it looks alot like Family Guy, which I also enjoy. but Arrested is my number one pick.

    Up you bung hole Fox.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    I’d assume this comes down to the almight dollar… praise you bill, father of fortune. I’d bet there are too many big paychex…. opie, david hogan, Portia de Rossi oh my goodness, and the list goes on. ie not efficient. they can show video clips of animals attacking for a fraction.

  • .alphamonkey.

    This is not exactly a high dollar cast-list.  I guarantee you it’s because they know that if American Dad is after a truly funny show, no one will watch it.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    ok 4 mediocre actors and a washup child actor turned director. award nominations means pressure for new higher priced contracts. 

    2nd, the voiceover costs for american dad are next to nothing since many are the writers. the animation is probably done on computers probably cutting out a half dozen koreans pay(after the initial punch of paying for the computer its computeranimation geek interns for cheap). hell look at the simpson;s voices, you could probably say they make more per episode than anyone else and they only make 300K. somehow I think even david cross makes more than 300k a show for AD. hell I’m betting george michael bluth’s girlfriend(ann… I think) could possibly make that much. let alone having liza manelli cameos. do you know how much crack she has to smoke to get her to smile?

  • agdeez

    This is of the suck.  This is actually good for smaller, struggling networks like UPN, WB, SpikeTV, or CBS.  Look what Family Guy alone has done for Adult Swim and TBS.  Arrested Development will bring one of those networks out of the market share shit hole after being picked up and we’ll see it back on Fox in three years, when Mitchell Hurwitz and Seth MacFarlane can share an office.  Fuck Fox.

    “A magician named GOB.”

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