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by alphamonkey on February 17, 2005 · 1 comment

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The James Cohan Gallery of New York has images of their exhibitions, as well as portfolios of artists they’ve showcased.  There’s a lot of cool stuff in here for fans of modern Art. Still is from the Ron Mueck section.

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    i had the chance to know ron in the occasion of the 2001 venice biennial, and he is just great, i will try to find out the image of his sculpture for that exhibition, one was a huge teen, scary but great. then he had few pieces that were smaller scale, but also amazing, a sort of collection of freaks that you can see in the formaldeide (sorry i don’t know the spelling of this in english) jars in the natural history museums, one of those was an angel foetus… man! absolutely creepy stuff, but done with a morbid attention of details and posture that gives them also an aura of compassion by the viewer…

    i’m not so convinced by this turn into a more realistic depiction of “humanity”, but luckly he is keeping the creepy attitude that makes him (in my opinion) absolutely stunning.

    and let me tell you… the pictures give you the 10% of the psichological punch his sculpture “live” give out…

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