Either we’re doing something right, or they’re just getting lazy

by alphamonkey on February 2, 2005 · 1 comment

in News

Recent news reports stated that insurgents had taken a US soldier hostage with the release of the information on an Islamic website.  The bad news: They got one of our guys.  The good news: It’s just Special Ops Cody, a popular action figure from Dragon Models, USA.

My favorite part:

“The photograph showed the figure against a black flag with white lettering reading, ‘God is great, there is no god but Allah.’ A U.S. military assault rifle was pointed at its head. It appears that ‘rifle’ was part of the plastic weaponry that came with the action figure.”

That means that some low-level insurgent/terrorist rookie’s job was to make a miniature flag to complete the illusion.  Is there an Islamic version of Jackass that I don’t know about, or are these just bored extremist Art School Students? 

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    no no no, it was take your son and train him for jihad day. so they figured they might as well make the kids a little more productive than last year when they detonated an entire 4th grade class of suicide bombers.

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