Get your (Guitar) Geek On

by alphamonkey on February 4, 2005 · 2 comments

in Diversions,Sci-Tech

I’ve always been kinda envious of the gear nerd musicians I’ve known.  I can’t be bothered to learn that much about gear and usually I just end up lucking onto a cool sound when I do fiddle with the rig I have.  Much like my cooking skills, it’s usually impossible for me to recreate. (ZolarCzakl can attest to that one).

But I will lay out my one secret weapon in trying to pinpoint guitar sounds: Guitar

The fine folk at GG have laid out the schematical setup of just about every guitarist worth listening to.  Neat stuff in here for guitar players.

My personal favorite setup?  J. Mascis of Dinosaur, Jr..  Awesome!

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  • drgonzoguitar

    A nod to guitar geeks!  I also love

    My rig

    custom tele>>>>Crybaby Wah (with true-bypass mod)>>>Yamaha Magic Stomp>>>>Yamaha Dg Stomp>>>>>Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    My Magic Stomp is connected to my crappy P3 500Mhz laptop for quick deep editing via USB…….

    I used to use Line 6 stuff…but I really like the Yamaha stuff….it is underrated and cheap to buy, but sounds just as good.

    check out my easy site for examples….

    Enjoy fellow transbuddists!

  • Josh

    Guitar is pretty cool. I visit the website regularly because they have very good information and regular updates.

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