Huh. I always wondered why they were called “gay”.

by alphamonkey on February 4, 2005 · 4 comments

in Announcements,News,Sci-Tech,Sexuality

Inoir sent this scientific sexual bartering chip to me yesterday: Semen acts as an anti-depressant. Yes, you read that correctly.  The new study states that women who were directly ‘exposed’ to semen were less depressed due to mood-altering hormones contained in the male seed.

Now for all I know, the New Scientist is a reputable science rag, but I wouldn’t be suprised if they’re on the Health and Human Services Department payroll now.

And here’s your money quote: ”Since the steroids in birth control pills survive the digestion process, I would assume that the same holds true for at least some of the chemicals in semen,“.  Yes, that’s exactly what that means.  Don’t say I never gave you anything, fellas.

Sadly, I see this information being terribly misued by bar-hounds and frat-boys.

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  • Just Plain Bob


    can’t talk now.. it’s almost 5pm. i’ve got all night to try that line…

  • taylorlove586

    Actually, I think perhaps that this information will be misused by every male in the universe… including my boyfriend.

  • The Good Reverend

    Misused?  Taylor, I think I speak for men everywhere when I say that we truly care about women’s health.  How dare you cheapen it. wink

  • Just Plain Bob

    yeah. we just want you to be happy…

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