Hunter S. Thompson: 1937-2005

by alphamonkey on February 21, 2005 · 4 comments

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The father of Gonzo Journalism (and one of my favorite authors, period), Hunter S. Thompson, died earlier today.  His family hasn’t released any details beyond that he shot himself.  For those of you unfamiliar with Thompson’s work, here’s the Wikipedia entry for him, but take the next possible opportunity to go out and buy one of his amazing books.


Goodnight, you glorious bastard. 

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  • japhy

    i’m really sad readin and typin this one… he was great, destroying the definition of report and consequently of novel.

    i have 2 books in italian and 2 in english, and now i fear i will not complete easily the collection…

    i think a person like him was needed in this period of dumb administration, but maybe he felt that was just simply too much…

    oh well i’m sure he is laughin his ass off at us that still remain on this weird planet

  • fealty2dahriyah

    this surely has to be a sign of apocalypse.

    I guess I’m in denial about this, but hunter blasting himself doesn’t seem right. it’s ironic to me that i reread most of his books this last year, for no other reason than to stoke my soul.

    so since my fragile psychie can’t take this, I’m going to push this to conspiracy theories of the Presidential execution allotment.

  • Da Urge

    I spent this past weekend in Colorado for a little skiing and to see a few friends in the Aspen area.  Sitting in the bar (one of the few working class bars) we kept hearing stories about how “he blew his head off” and “he seemed so down this week” and how sick he looked, the place was pretty excited.  Much like the stories I still hear of Burroughs life in Lawrence where it seemed like everyone had a story about him, it was odd to hear the legend of this mans life and sudden suicide grow with each passing drink.  And for a town where both Paris Hilton and P diddy were seen it was nice to see the real color and emotion that he added to the prada lined streets and valleys of Pitkin County.  I was always a big fan of rum diary and wish Gonzo the best wherever he is.

    “You’re not there to party. We’ve already got *one* Hunter Thompson”. “Ben Fong-Torres

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